JuKKR - DFT made in Jülich

Welcome to the website of the Jülich KKR codes

The Jülich KKR suite contains codes for electronic structure calculations within density functional theory based on Korrings-Kohn-Rostoker (KKR) Green function method.  The KKR method is a highly accurate all-electron method based on a multiple scattering formalism and the most important features of the Jülich KKR codes include the possibility to perform relativistic calculations, predict scattering effects with the PKKprime code, and treat finite-sized clusters of defects via the KKRimp code or extremely large systems with the KKRnano code.

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The KKRhost code for electronic structure calculations of periodic systems.

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The KKRimp code for impurity embedding into crystalline hosts.

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The PKKprime code for Fermi surface, scattering and Boltzmann transport properties.

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The KKRsusc code for time-dependent density functional theory.

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The linear scaling KKRnano code for extremely large systems.

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Voronoi construction of atom-centered cells and creation of stating potentials.

Interoperability with other tools

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Automation of KKR calculations for high-throughput via the AiiDA-KKR plugin

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Atomistic spin dynamics


The JuKKR developer team

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